About Us

The Disabilities Resource Centre is a passionate and progressive organisation, 100% committed to making life easier for the elderly and those with disabilities.

The Centre was founded in the late 1980's by a group of dedicated people who wanted to do something about the lack of information, advocacy and support for people with disabilities in their community.

We have come a long way in 25 years, growing to become the Eastern Bay of Plenty's third largest employer with over 260 staff.  The Centre has expanded its reach and now offers a wide range of services across the entire Bay of Plenty, with two new sites; Abilities in Action Rehabilitation and Up2date Equipment. 

We can help you with:

  • Home Care - home help or personal care support in your own home
  • Community Services - getting involved in your community, finding work and learning new skills
  • Information - general health and disability information service and extensive library
  • Equipment - in store and online sales, hire and advice
  • Specialist Field Officers - disability/condition specific support

We help thousands of people every year and continue to improve the quality of life for those living in our community.